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CORONA VIRUS: Youth Living in Raj Bhavan Complex of Madhya Pradesh Infected

The father of the infected youth works in the Raj Bhavan, so he lives in the Raj Bhavan premises along with the father of the youth.

Youth Living in Raj Bhavan Complex of Madhya Pradesh Infected

In the Raj Bhavan complex of Madhya Pradesh, a youth has been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 on Monday. The young man's father works at the Raj Bhavan, though he has not been investigated yet. There are 32 new infection cases reported across the state today.

There are 6 positive cases reported from the Army Center and Budhwara area here. How the young man was exposed to the deadly virus is not known at the moment.

 According to the Ministry of Health, by 8 am on May 25, the total active cases of infection have increased to 77103, while the number of healthy people is 57720 and the total number of deaths is 4021.

In Madhya Pradesh, the number of infected patients has reached 6665 as of Sunday morning. In Indore, the number of infected has reached 3008. 70 new cases were found on Sunday.

Among them, 47 were found in Bhopal, 7-7 in Khandwa and Burhanpur, Sagar 5, 2 in Balaghat, one each in Shivpuri and Shahdol.

The condition is becoming worrisome. Meanwhile, pictures of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath have been revealed to the people of the state. In this, he himself does not appear to follow social distancing. Political rhetoric has intensified.

Offer Eid prayers at home

Bhopal Collector Tarun Pithode congratulated the citizens of Eid. He said the city has a lockdown. No one is allowed to leave the house.

Offer Eid prayers at home. He also thanked everyone for praying to Allah with restraint, peace in the holy month of Ramadan.

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