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MP Politics - Son Infatuation of Congress Leaders in Madhya Pradesh is Suffering Loss to Party

Opposition to the son of leaders and brother-nepotism in the Madhya Pradesh Congress are not creating opportunities for second line leaders.

Son Infatuation of Congress Leaders in Madhya Pradesh is Suffering Loss to Party

This is hurting the party.  Allegations have been made that the Congress government was formed after 15 years due to son's affection and nepotism, and there was a unique experiment to make everyone a cabinet minister in the cabinet.

At the same time, two Congress leaders had rebelled from the party in Putra Moh and made their sons contest against Congress from other political parties.

The Congress has a large number of leaders with political heritage.

Kamal Nath leads son Nakula Nath

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has been active in Chhindwara politics for over four decades, but has now put forward son Nakula for his political legacy.

While there are other Congress leaders like Deepak Saxena of the Congress or Vijay Chaure, Ajay Chaure.

Earlier, he had given ticket to his wife Alka Nath at the time of crisis on his political life. Even then, the family did not think of other Congress leaders in the area.

The benefits of Digvijay's name are added

It is said of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh that he had a tremendous launch to make his son Jayawardhan Singh a political heir.

When he became an MLA for the second time and formed the Congress government, the entire cabinet was used to make him a cabinet minister.

Earlier, Digvijay Singh brought his brother Laxman Singh to the Lok Sabha, but when he joined the BJP, there was a rift between the two brothers.

After Laxman Singh's return to the Congress, relations could not be normalized, but due to the recognition of Digvijay Singh with his name in giving political benefits, Laxman Singh got more priority than other leaders.

Raised son after Niece!!

Kantilal Bhuria is a big name among the tribal leaders in the Congress, but he also got the impression of increasing familyism.

First he advocated for the party to pursue niece Kalavati Bhuria and for a few years he has been doing the same for his doctor son Vikrant Bhuria. While there are also mass-based leaders like Javier Medha in the area.

Up to Rebellion

Former MPs Satyavrat Chaturvedi and Premchand Guddu have been counted among the militant leaders of the Congress, but in infatuation, these leaders revolted from the party itself.

Satyavrat campaigned for his son Nitin after contesting from the Samajwadi Party over not getting a ticket.  Premchand Guddu did the same.

Guddu joined the BJP and got a ticket for his son Ajit Baurasi for not getting the assembly ticket.  Neither Nitin won nor Ajit.

  • Now Satyavrat has taken political renunciation, but Premchand Guddu is calling for a return to the party again.

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