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Top Interesting Facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Today we are going to talk about a person whom the world knows today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the most successful CEO of the world's largest and most important company.

Interesting Facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Born in Chennai (then Madras) India in 1972, Yes he is an Indian. Sundar's father Raghunath Pichai was an engineer in the British company GEC. His family lived in a house of two rooms.

There was no separate room for Sundar's studies in it. So he slept with his younger brother on the drawing-room floor. There was neither a television nor a car in the house.

From this one can infer the economic status of his family, but the engineer father sowed the seeds of technology in his son's mind as a child.

Therefore, all the deprivation could not be a hindrance in the way of Sunder's progress and at the age of 17, he passed the entrance exam of IIT and enrolled in Kharagpur.

Elementary and higher educations of Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was always the topper of his batch during his engineering studies (1989–93) from IIT, Kharagpur.

Professor Sanat Kumar Rai, who taught Sundar at IIT, says, "Even while studying metallurgical and material science, Sundar was working on various subjects in the field of electronics. That too at a time when there were no electronics in the syllabus of IIT. ”Even then Sundar's first love was electronics.

Recalling Sundar living in the Nehru Hall hostel of IIT, Professor Rai says that Sundar is very gentle, polite and soft-spoken.

He also won a silver medal in the final examination in the year 1993, topping his batch. He then went to Stanford University for further studies after obtaining a scholarship.

Sundar's First time Joining at Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

After leaving IIT, he never looked back. He started a job at Google some 11 years ago while working in various companies.

"It is difficult to find a single person in Google who does not like or be influenced by Sundar," says Sejar Sengupta, Pichai's classmate and later worked with him for eight years at Google.

Another of his classmates, P. Subramaniam, says, "Sundar always had a smile on his face and we used to jokingly call him a bookworm."

After taking an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur, Sundar Pichai went to study at Stanford University, the USA on scholarship. He did 'Master of Science' in 'Material Science & Engg.' Being an MBA, he obtained an MBA degree from Pennsylvania University's Wharton School.

After doing an MBA, he worked in Project Management and Engineering in 'Applied Material'. Then worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

On 1 April 2004, Google CEO Sundar Pichai went to give his interview at Google. The same day the company launched the Testing Version of Gmail. The interviewer asked him some questions regarding Gmail.

Initially, Pichai could not answer those questions properly. He felt that the interviewers might be making fun of April Fools. But when he was asked to use Gmail, then he could put his ideas openly in front of them.

Interviewers were so impressed by his ideas that he was immediately placed on the job. His initial responsibilities at Google were related to Google Toolbar and Search.

Also, check Sundar Pichai's Twitter account.

Pichai gave this gift to parents

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

After being elected as the CEO of GoogleSundar Pichai's name is on the tongue of the people, but it is known to very few people that while studying in IIT, they all knew him by the name of P. Sundararajan.

Sunder's journey from a two-room house to the CEO of the world's foremost tech company is no less attractive than a fairytale. Now recently he has bought a house in Chennai costing crores for his parents.

Celebrities of IIT Kharagpur

Prior to Sundar's success from IIT Kharagpur's Department of Metallurgy, Praveen Chaudhary, who was head of IBM's research division for a long time, and Arun Sarin, CIO at Vodafone, were also included.

Pichai's name was also included in the race to become the CIO of Microsoft before becoming CEO of Google, but Satya Nadella was chosen in his place later.

In the meantime, Twitter also tried to put them in its court, but according to experts, Google agreed to stay in the company by giving them a bonus of 10 to 5 million dollars.

Quote of Google CEO Sundar Pichai

"A person is not happy because everything is right in his life, he is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right."

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Google Chrome Project

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

At the time when Sundar Pichai started working at Google, Google Toolbar and Search Engine used to be the default option in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

One day he got the idea that Google CEO Sundar Pichai should make its own web browser because if someday Microsoft develops its own search engine and sets it the default option in Internet Explorer, then Google will move away from there permanently.

When he presented his proposal to CEO Eric Schmidt, he refused to approve it, calling it a costly project. But Pichai persevered and convinced Google's co-creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to get Google Chrome's project approved in 2006.

After 6 months of approving Google Chrome, the same thing happened, which Pichai suspected. On October 18, 2006, Microsoft suddenly removed Google from Internet Explorer and set Bing to be its default search engine.

Google used to get millions of traffic daily from Internet Explorer and earned millions every day. This was a major setback for Google.

But this situation was already realized by Pichai. So in 24 hours, together with his team, he discovered Internet Explorer's loop-hole. Due to which people who had moved on Bing, in the front of a pop-up window,

Google started to have the option to set their default search engine again. In this way, they retained 60 percent of Google's users back.

After this setback by Microsoft, Google took the strategic move and signed a deal with HP and all the major computer distributors that they will give option default related to Google Toolbar and its search on their PC.

Sundar's Chrome OS and Android app put him on top of Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has created Google Drive, Gmail app and Google Video codec. Sundar's Chrome OS and Android app made him to the top of Google.

The Android division came to him and he also contributed to further Google's other business. Because of Pichai, Google made Samsung a partner.

As a product manager, when Sundar joined Google, he researched for Internet users, so that the users who want to install should be installed soon.

Although the task was not much fun, they proved themselves to have better relationships with other companies, so that the toolbar could be improved. He was made the director of Product Management. When Larry Page became CEO of Google in 2011, he was immediately promoted to senior vice president, promoting Pichai.

Promotion to the post of Senior Voice President

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai's foresight saved Google from a major loss. Given his style and talent, he was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President at Google.

Pichai played a key role in the Google Chrome project. When the Google Chrome Launch was launched in 2008, it was Google's biggest success of all time. Today Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world.

When Sundar Pichai worked as the Post of Vice President

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was made the Vice President of Project Development in 2008 following the success of Google Chrome. In 2012, he was made the vice president of Google App and Chrome. After Andy Rubin, who made Android in 2013, left the project, Pichai also took charge of it and made his outstanding contribution.

Today, Microsoft Windows has the largest share of OS in Computer System, similarly today, Google has the largest share of OS in the personal phone. Sunder Pichai's skilled leadership is behind this success.

In 2014, he was made the overall head of all Google products, given his ability. Which includes products like Google Search, Google Map, Google Plus, Google Commerce and GoogleAd.

Great credit for the success of Google goes to the constantly new innovations in Google and the leader working behind these innovations is - Sundar Pichai. CEO, Google

Finally, the CEO of Google!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Seeing his achievements, Google announced him as the CEO of the company on 10 August 2015.

 With this, Sundar Pichai has joined those of Indian origin, who are the top executives of the $ 400 billion reduction company. Today, his annual income is Rs 335 crore.

A company like Google where getting a job is a big deal. It is a matter of pride for all of us Indians that an Indian origin person has reached the highest position in that company.

Special things about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's interesting facts makes you motivated with images
Top interesting facts about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar is also known as;-

Good Cricketer: Won Tamil Nadu state regional tournament captaining high school cricket team
Received Honors: Pichai has been awarded the Cyber ​​Scholar and Palmer Scholar titles
Strong professional: worked for several years at McKinsey, a consulting company, joined Google Search in 2004

Sundar Pichai is considered as;- 

Fast memory: close people ask the forgotten telephone number of 1984, then Sundar still tells
Soft-spoken: In the American media, he was described as the soft-spoken, less famous and right-hand side of Larry Page

Team Dedication: Demonstrated dedication to the team while working with Marissa Mayer and proved herself

Tremendous talent: Famous American company Raba Inc. nominated him as a member of the advisory board

Sundar Pichai is recognized as;-

Chrome Launched: Launched Chrome Web Browser and Web-Based Chrome OS also Launched for Netbooks throughout the year

Took Google Apps and Android: Took Google Apps in 2012 and also took over Android in a year
Memorable works: Gmail, Google Map apps created, Android apps for all Google products.

Last words

I sincerely hope that you must have been inspired by the inspiring story of Sundar Pichai and we also learn from this that we are not afraid of trouble or giving up but we need to step back from our goals but work harder and break the chains of all dilemmas You should keep moving forward because the victory is won by the one who moves forward by fighting the struggles. Exactly the pride of our India was done by Sundar Pichai and along with him, India also brought glory to the whole world.

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