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UN Warns - A cyber Attack is Happening Every 39 Seconds

The United Nations is in deep concern due to the rising graph of cybercrime.

The world has been told to warn that a cybercrime is happening every 39 seconds.

On the one hand, while the utility of digital platforms has increased, on the other hand the graph of online crime has also increased worryingly.

UN Disarmament Chief Izumi Nakamitsu has warned all countries of the world for cyber attacks.

People's dependence on digital platforms has increased amidst the epidemic caused by the novel corona virus.

The United Nations disarmament chief issued a warning on cybercrime on Friday.

He said that during the pandemic, there was an increase of 600 per cent in emails which deceived users.

Izumi Nakamitsu gave this information at an informal meeting of the UN Security Council.

He also said that the corona virus crisis has spread all over the world and due to this the pressure on technology has increased.

All the work is being done through online.

He further explained that there are reports of cyber attacks against medical research facilities and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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