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Baba Ramdev - The High Court issued a notice in Corona's drug "Coronil" case

The Uttarakhand High Court on Tuesday heard a PIL filed by Baba Ramdev's institute Patanjali against the launch of Coronil, a drug to get rid of the coronavirus.

In this case, the court has issued a notice to the Assistant Solicitor General of the Central Government. The next hearing is on Wednesday i.e. tomorrow, the date of the first of July.

On Tuesday, a PIL by Udham Singh Nagar advocate Mani Kumar was heard on the bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice RC Khulbe.

The petition said that Baba Ramdev and his associate Acharya Balkrishna launched the coronil drug manufactured by Divya pharmacy Company of Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar last Tuesday to get rid of the coronavirus.

The petitioner said that Baba Ramdev's pharmaceutical company did not follow the guidelines issued by the ICMR, nor did the Ministry of AYUSH take the permission of the Government of India.

Not even an application was made from the Ayush Department of Uttarakhand to make Corona medicine, the application that was made was to increase immunity, under the guise of that Baba Ramadave created the coronil drug.

According to Divya Pharmacy, the drug test was done at Nims University Rajasthan, while Nims says that he has not done any clinical trials of any such drug.

The petitioner has challenged the drug on the basis of these four points. He also says that Baba Ramdev is spreading misleading publicity of this medicine among people, neither is this medicine certified by ICMR. They do not even have the license to make it.

This medicine has not yet been used in clinical trials. There is no history of side effects from its use, so the drug should be banned completely. Legal action should be taken against the institution for misleading publicity based on the guidelines issued by ICMR.

There is a ban on the promotion of Coronil medicine

Divya Pharmacy claimed to make Corona's medicine last Tuesday. From then on, many questions started to be raised on Patanjali's medicine.

Taking cognizance of this, the Uttarakhand Ayush Ministry sent a notice to Patanjali to ban the publicity of the drug. Also, documents related to this were summoned. On Wednesday, the Uttarakhand AYUSH department sent a notice to Divya Pharmacy, ordering the pharmacy to immediately stop the promotion of corona kits and modify the label.

The notice was asked to reply within seven days. In fact, the state's AYUSH department said that Patanjali was given a license to become an immunity booster.

Patanjali claimed license for immunity booster

In a statement to the media, Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala kept saying that there is no illegal claim on the drug label. He even said that the manufacture and sale of medicines are done according to the rules of the government.

Not according to any personal beliefs and ideology. Patanjali has lawfully complied with the entire process. Here, on the notice sent by the AYUSH department on Monday,

Yogpeeth General Secretary Acharya Balakrishna said that what is the basis of the notice given by the government to Divya Pharmacy. If Aadhaar is a label then Patanjali has no false claim on the label.

Patanjali's medicine acts as an awareness booster. Many corona patients recovered from their use in clinical trials. Patanjali has licensed an immunity booster.

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