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The rate of recovery of patients suffering from coronavirus infection is continuously increasing. So far, about 60 percent of the patients have become healthy.

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Corona epidemic patient's recovery rate increased to 59.07 percent.

In terms of numbers, it is more than 3.34 lakh patients. The gap between healthy patients and active cases is also widening. The number of cured patients has exceeded 1.19 lakhs from active cases.

The figure of infected patients rose to 5,66,840

According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Tuesday morning, 18,522 new cases have been found and 418 people have died in the last twenty-four hours.

With this, the data of infected patients has increased to 5,66,840. Of these, 66 percent of cases have been reported only in the month of June.

Only 2,15,125 active cases remain

The death toll has risen to 16,893. Only 2,15,125 active cases remain. So far, 3,34,821 patients have gone completely home to their health.

In this way, the rate of recovering patients has increased to 59.07. As per information received from other sources from states and union territories, 13,472 new cases have been reported since late last night and the number of infected has reached 5,73,096.

Of these, 3,55,774 people have been completely cured and only 2,17,322 active cases remain. Till now 17,307 people have lost their lives.

245 killed by corona in Maharashtra.

On Tuesday, 414 people lost their lives, 245 in Maharashtra, 60 in Tamil Nadu, 25 in Uttar Pradesh, 20 in Gujarat and Karnataka, 20 in Maharashtra, 15 in Maharashtra, eight in Madhya Pradesh,

seven in Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Includes four deaths each, two in Odisha and one each in Kerala, Himachal, Assam, and Puducherry.


  1. This is a good news for such a vast country like India where recovery rate from corona is increasing and India must follow health regulations to contain further spread of the Coronavirus.


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