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Zomato Delivery Boys in South 24 Parganas resigned from the job protesting Chinese investment in Indian companies, burnt jerseys during the protest.

In West Bengal, people's anger against China is being seen on the streets. Angry over Chinese investment in Indian companies, Zomato employees have resigned from the job, along with street protests against them. 

Zomato delivery boys burnt jerseys, resigned from jobs, protesting Chinese investment.

A group of Zomato food delivery platform employees in Kolkata burnt their official T-shirts to protest Chinese investment in the firm. 

Zomato Delivery Boys in South 24 Parganas resigned from the job protesting Chinese investment in Indian companies. He lit his jerseys during the protest.

A protestor protesting in South 24 Parganas said that 150 delivery boys from Zomato have resigned but only a few people are involved in the protests here. 

We do not want to work with any company that works with companies of the country whose army has killed our soldiers.

About 100 people quit Kolkata's job in Kolkata due to the ongoing dispute between India and China over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh, where people are boycotting Chinese goods.

There are some people in Kolkata who have refused to work in establishments where China has invested. Its largest and first name is Zomato.

Earlier on Saturday, over 100 delivery buoys in Behala area of ​​Kolkata have decided to resign from Jomato. 

It is reported that Ant Financial, a subsidiary of Chinese company Alibaba, invested about $ 150 million in Zomato in January. On Saturday, more than 100 delivery buoys protested and burned clothes given by Zomato.

He said that the profits of our sweat will not be passed on to Chinese companies. With our money, they are attacking our country's army and want to take our land from us. 

We will not let this happen. We and our family will be hungry, it is acceptable, but we will not work in any company in which China has invested. 

Many of them are those whose livelihood of their families depends on their jobs, but these people are ready to starve for the country and the army.


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